A Ritual of Memory

A sculptural exploration in elevating childhood memories through a traditional, cultural ritual of decorating fruit offerings.


An exploration into the relationship between food and memories, through traditional, cultural practices. This work was inspired by a Chinese New Year tradition in my family. Growing up in a Chinese-Malaysian household, Chinese New Year was a festival much looked forward to (by my parents). One tradition—done on the eve after the spring-cleaning—is the decorating of fruit offerings that were placed on the altar.

The idea is to present food memories using red paper bands around physical ‘offerings’, giving them a tangible form. The importance of this ritual elevates the seemingly simple memories into something that is worth remembering.

Materials: Papier–mâché, newsprint, gouache.

Red paper band
Pear Sculpture
Orange sculpture, stacked
Pineapple Sculpture
close up of pineapple sculpture