uroot spa

uroot spa is a boutique experience that unites traditional massage techniques with every treatment.


Branding and product writing for uroot spa, a boutique spa experience that units traditional Southeast Asian massage techniques into every personalised spa treatment.
Working closely with the team at Kongsi, I assisted in establishing the brand tone. This manifested throughout the spa’s physical and digital presence. Materials included brand tagline and philosophy, in-spa text, treatment menus and selected product descriptions.

Client: uroot spa
Branding & Concept: Kongsi Design
Location: Kuala Lumpur

uroot — the root of relaxation
[ verb,/ u:ru:t/, oo – root ] of malay origin ‘urut’; massage

Uroot is a boutique spa that unites local techniques in every massage treatment. Each culturally-rich experience will leave you feeling relaxed to the roots.

Tagline and philosophy.
Gift card.
Spa signage.
Spa signage.

Essential Oil

Uroot essential oil uses plant extracts and aromatic plant oils. The scents have been known to improve psychological and physical well-being. Our essential oils are 100% pure, natural and genuine. Each product is crafted in small, artisanal batches to ensure freshness and quality. With Uroot essential oils, you can select from blends of extract essential oils and pure essential oils. Choose your desired scent and immerse yourself into a therapeutic ambience.

Essential Oil product writeup.

All images reproduced with permission from Kongsi Design.