Pressent by The Royal Press

Pressent is a collaboration between The Royal Press letterpress museum and 4 Malaysian designers. It is quirky and full of Malay wordplay.


Pressent is a collaboration between The Royal Press letterpress museum and 4 Malaysian designers. The designers: kongsi 一 亻一 半, Ejin Sha and Angellailai Wong stepped into the past to expose the stories of The Royal Press and to compose new impressions of letterpress that is relevant and current.

The result of this collaboration is a series of wearables and stationery that push the boundaries of traditional letterpress applications.

I helped the team develop a quirky tone to the product names and descriptions. Each product had a fun wordplay with Malay words, while highlighting The Royal Press’ history as a polyglot printing press.

Branding & Concept: The Royal Press / Kongsi Design / Ejin Sha / Angel Wong
Location: Kuala Lumpur

Khabar Baik

Carry a piece of good news everywhere with this unique tote.

This 6-fold tote pays tribute to the ‘Koo Cheng Yet Pao’: a monthly 6-page newspaper that ran in Malacca during the 1950s. A play on the Malay word ‘surat khabar’ (newspaper), this tote makes for a functional statement bag for any occasion.

Khabar Baik Tote

Bawa Atas

Up and down, round and round — this backpack will take you to higher ground.
The term uppercase and lowercase came from how metal type trays were arranged in printing presses. Capital letters were placed on higher shelves, while small letters were placed below. This unique letterpress-printed bag pays homage to the basic typography terminology.

Bawa Atas Backpack

Pahit Manis

Curious medication visuals add a unique flavour to daily apparel.
The Royal Press commonly printed multilingual medicine labels before the implementation of British regulations. One quirky advertisement of a medicated oil to relieve itching had a bold graphic style suitable for modern apparel. You can now wear your letterpress love proudly on your sleeve — literally.

Pahit Manis Bucket Hat
Pahit Manis Tee / White
Pahit Manis Tee / Grey

Easy Isi Stationery Folder

Holders from the past, perfect for the present.
The Royal Press printed regularly for local schools and institutions in Malacca. Classic brown-covered exercise books were an essential part of childhood. Designed in the style of school exercise and rule books, you can fill these portable holders with notes and contacts.

Easy Isi A4 Folder
Easy Isi A3 Folder

Se-‘clip’ Mata

Letterpress-printed companions for your daily commutes and far-flung travels.
In the days of letterpress printing, clipart templates were a quick and convenient way for clients to obtain a logo or visual for their product. A selection of clipart have been taken from The Royal Press archives and printed onto these travel accessories.

Se-‘clip’ Mata / Snap button pouches and accessories

Susun 89

Organising your belongings the letterpress way.
Made popular in the United States during the 19th century, the California job case had 89 compartments that combined all upper and lowercase types into one tray. The layout lends itself to this easy-to-use personal organiser.

Susun 89 Organiser

Terbalik Baik

No need for flipping tables, the rule is very simple!
‘Upside Down, Left to Right’ is the golden rule typesetters follow when they are composing. This denotes the orientation of lead type on the composing stick and ensures consistent print accuracy. Letterpress-printed onto a multipurpose sleeve, you can now keep this rule — and your belongings — by your side.

Terbalik Baik Sleeve